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Sammich's Scripts

The most advanced OldSchool Runescape color bot.
Packed with scripts and hotkeys to assist with all of your OSRS needs.

A full list of features can be found by clicking here.

100% Designed with AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is designed to make advanced macros, and simulate your keyboard + mouse. This makes it the hardest language to detect when used for botting!

100% Smart Botting

           We use advanced logic, color detection,​ and randomization to have our scripts function as risk-free as possible. This means no injection or reflection into any portion of OSRS.

Advanced Anti-Ban

We prioritize making our scripts as safe as possible. This includes tons of randomization to include mouse movements, delays, break handling, and actions, that are constantly being updated to remain as safe as possible.

Community Driven

We provide a Discord server for our premium users to discuss everything in regards to OSRS and our software. This can also be used to submit feedback and suggestions for new premium features.

Easy Instructions

Every script has an instructions page, and all instructions are included in the premium package! If there’s ever any difficulty following guides, we have around-the-clock support available via Discord.

One Time Payment

Sick of subscriptions? Well this is the bot for you! You only have to purchase this bot once per computer that you wish to use it on, and you’ll receive all past and future scripts, as well as support for life!

Recent Updates

Update: (v58.0)

Patch notes for update V58.0: New Runelite Script: Varrock Smithing (Platebodies/Darts). The BlueStacks cannonball script has been optimized to be more reliable. The Runelite lava

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Update: (v57.9)

Patch notes for update V57.9: The Runelite ‘Warriors Guild Kegs’ script will now maintain a higher percent of energy as it increases the strength exp/hour.

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Update: (v57.8)

Patch notes for update V57.8: New Runelite Script: Warriors Guild Kegs. The Runelite Seers agility script now has a second variant for those who have

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