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Update: (v60.4)

Update: (v60.4)

Patch notes for update V60.4: General: New Hotkey added, Drop all tagged items Clearing hotkeys will no longer reload the entire bot (Hooray!) The timer overlay will now appear above Runelite and BlueStacks, as it was falling behind the BlueStacks while scripts were active Runelite Scripts: The Runelite Auto Fighter has been optimized The Runelite … Read more

Update: (v60.1)

Patch notes for update V60.1: Main: All BlueStacks scripts have been reworked completely All BlueStacks scripts have had additional randomization’s implemented All BlueStacks scripts now use and require the latest version of BlueStacks (v4.260.0.1032) Activating a BlueStacks script will now force BlueStacks to “Always be on top”, and pressing F12 (reload bot) will disable it … Read more

Update: (v60.0)

Patch notes for update V60.0: The Runelite “Superglass” script now supports the use of giant seaweed The Runelite “Fire Runes” and “Lava Runes” script have been optimized A few of the “Runelite Hotkeys” have been fixed as some users were having issues with it executing too fast The “Press F12 to stop script” overlay that … Read more

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