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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the premium version cost?

$30 USD/75m OSGP PER MACHINE. All current and future scripts, unlimited usage, full discord server access, and forums access are included in the cost.

This price is subject to change, however after purchase you DO NOT have to pay more if it changes!

What platforms does this work on?

There are two game engines we work on: Runelite & BlueStacks (Mobile Phone Emulator).

Does ‘Mobile botting’ require a mobile phone/tablet?

No! Our mobile scripts run via Bluestacks (A Mobile Phone Emulator) on your PC!

Do you accept private script requests?

Yes and no. I rarely take on private requests, as the time I get to code I prefer to use furthering premium.

Can I use this on a Virtual Machine so I can use my computer at the same time?

Yes! We conveniently offer a pre-made windows 10 virtual machine for our users, as well as a full guide on how to set it up located here!

Please note you HAVE to do this before you license the scripts! The scripts are HWID (Hardware ID) locked, meaning you can only use it on one designated device or VM (Virtual Machine).

Can I get banned using these bots?

Simple answer is yes, as all botting can result in a ban.If you don’t use bots smart, you will accumulate too many strikes on your account which can result in a ban. We recommend botting like you play, and play like you bot; nothing more.

Why use this tool, over other botting platforms?

Bots that are coded with other languages are typically designed to grab data from OSRS in order to function. These method can be detected by jagex.

We use color detection, and logic for all of our scripts to function and remain as risk-free as possible! This means no external client is necessary, as well as no injection or reflection into any portion of OSRS.