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Script Risk Ratings

Script Risk Ratings

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    The info here has been written to help with the longevity of your account. It includes guidelines to follow and a general knowledge of what scripts are rated as lower vs higher risk and info on how long you should run them collected from years of ban reports given to us by our users.

    This data is only to give a rough idea on which scripts can be babysat less, and what you need to be more cautious with!

    General guidelines from Raiever:


    1. Your account will be flagged as suspicious if its logged into from a new location, or two different locations within a short unrealistic time. If one/any of the below is done, DO NOT BOT until your account is active on YOUR IP address for at least 72 hours of being logged in and being legit played. This gives Jagex time to investigate your account activity, and ensures that there is nothing suspicious going on, and then the flag will pass.

    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Account sharing
      • Usage of VPN’s and proxies (Do not fall for the proxies solve everything nonsense)
      • Account services (Questing/Skilling/Fire or Infernal Capes etc)
      • Anything that causes your account to be logged in from a new location, or simulates unrealistic geographic movement

    2. Do not bot accounts fresh from tutorial island, play legit for at least 2 weeks, build basic account stats, do not wear the basic bot clothes, use a unique sounding username and wait for the new account flag to pass, as well Jagex ALWAYS does ban waves during twitch prime events, or big updates of new content so take breaks around these times and play normal:

    • Example of building a fresh, botted hunter account:
      • Start by dressing the account, naming it anything like.. Headhunter69 or something that fits you, and finishing tut island
      • Then manually getting 30 woodcutting, 30 firemaking, and 30 fishing, and throughout those levels train hunter. Once you get those levels, do simple quests like Romeo and Juliet, Sheep Shearer, and the Cooks Assistant while still training your hunter in between.
      • Once you are done with those, you can have upwards of 60 hunter, 30 woodcutting, 30 firemaking, 30 fishing, plus other skills, and Eagles Peak, Romeo and Juliet, Sheep Shearer, and the Cooks Assistant.
      • Bam! A hunter bot account with qp and skills, looks solid and has been aged/quested/skilled.
      • BUT OH NO, Christmas/New Years just rolled around.. better take a break and play manually.

    3. Mimic a realistic, human play style as closely as you can by not running things longer than you manually would do it, use obscure locations not hot spots, turn game chats off if you never talk, turn off accept aid in game, etc. The time of day, or day of the week you bot DOES not matter. You can get flagged or reviewed at ANY time.

    • Examples include:
      • F2P botting is MUCH higher risk than P2P by any and all means you should go members.
      • Bonding your account VS Using a credit/debit card is not bad, but note that in theory many many bot accounts are created with bonds, hence if you bot for your bond you are more likely to be monitored by Jagex.
      • I manually do 2 hours of fletching, so I do not bot it more than two hours. If you want to bot longer, then you manually must start doing the task longer PRIOR to botting longer. Such as going to 2.5 hours manually over a week, then botting 2.5 hours once the new time frame is established.
      • Did you know there is 13 fly fishing locations across the map? Everyone tends to use barb village or Ottos grotto.. These are considered hot spots and if you can help it, DO NOT USE THEM. Find a nice cozy, lonely corner and you cut your chances of player reports down to slim to none.
      • Use lower population worlds, closest to your location. This is to get less reports, and to lower ping to make botting slightly more efficient as well as consistent. If you have a main with high levels, live in high skill total worlds. All the time.
      • DO NOT post current images of your account stats, quests completed, etc. Jagex can VERY EASILY take this info and track your account down then ban you. This has been tested time after time.. personally I have posted a botted account on a public bot forum as a test and only shared 10 skill levels.. less than two hours later the account was disabled and banned.
      • Jagex has reported when a player report is received it will send large amounts of player account data to their servers. This means that players are not USUALLY investigated individually but are instead added to a “heat map” that they watch closely to find heavily botted locations, and monitor them over time. This helps them to develop game wide anti-cheat measures and then they can do groups of bots at one time instead of individuals. So using low population, and more “hidden” locations lowers your chances of a player report / ban.

    4. Do NOT push your luck. Just because you got away with a longer run once DOES NOT mean you will again or always. Only bot as long as you would manually play, and if you want to bot longer hours you MUST manually work your hours up to that.

    • Examples include:
      • I accidentally botted a skill for 4 hours and never had gone an hour or longer. After this I decided to manually play and do the skill for longer and longer runs so that it looked like I just wanted more exp gains per session.
      • I play on average 6-8 hours a day. I started at 2 hours, went to 2.5, to 3.5, etc over a month. This does not mean that I bot for 6-8 hours, but I am more likely to not catch a ban IF I bot longer hours. Personally I have NEVER copped a ban after working my way up this way.

    Stay safe, take these to heart!

    Safe: Minimal ban reports (typically less than 10 if not 0)
    Recommended Limits: Up to 8-12h/day divided between 2-3 sessions

    Minimal Bot Watch: Jagex doesn’t actively monitor these activities, however be cautious to not overuse them
    Recommended Limits: Up to 8h/day divided between 2-3 sessions

    Medium Bot Watch: Jagex watches these for suspicious activity like very long hours, lots of profit etc.
    Recommended Limits: Up to 6h/day divided between 2-3 sessions

    Heavy Bot Watch: Jagex watches these for anything weird, overuse, extreme long times, heavy profits etc.
    Recommended Limits: Up to 3-4h/day divided between 2-3 sessions

    Extreme Bot Watch: Jagex watches these for ANY form of abuse, should be babysat and ran minimal times
    Recommended Limits: Up to 2-3h/day divided between 1-2 sessions

    Script risk ratings:

    Safe bot watch and babysitting:

    • All Hotkeys (Runelite)
    • High Alchemy (Runelite)
    • Warrior Guild Kegs (Runelite)
    • Wintertodt (Runelite)
    • Sandstone Grinding (Runelite)
    • Daeyalt Mining (Runelite)
    • Sand Crabs (Runelite)
    • Thieving Stalls (LDPlayer)
    • Iron Power Miner (LDPlayer)
    • Stringing Bows (LDPlayer)
    • Glassblowing (LDPlayer)
    • Power Cutter (LDPlayer)
    • Bank (Angler+Monk) Fishing (Runelite)
    • Hunting Maniacal Monkeys
    • Power Fishing Tirannwn (LDPlayer)
    • Infernal Eel Fishing
    • Construction Tables (Runelite)
    • Construction Mythical Capes (Runelite)
    • NMZ Absorption and Prayer (Runelite)
    • LDPlayer EXCLUSIVE Tithe Farmer
    • LDPlayerEXCLUSIVE Relekka Agility Course
    • LDPlayer EXCLUSIVE Karambwan Fisher
    • EXCLUSIVE Guardians of the Rift (Runelite)

    Minimal bot watch and babysitting:

    • Runecrafting Blood Runes
    • Cannoning (Runelite)
    • Single Agility Obstacle (Runelite)
    • Fruit Stalls (Runelite)
    • Bank Cutting (Runelite)
    • Bank Mining (Runelite
    • Smelting Bars (LDPlayer)
    • Fletching Bows (LDPlayer)
    • Superheat Iron N Gold (LDPlayer)
    • Fermenting Wines (LDPlayer)
    • Cut Gems (LDPlayer)
    • Nature Rune Thieving (LDPlayer)
    • Making Potions (LDPlayer)
    • Hosidius Cooking (LDPlayer)
    • Fletching all variants (LDPlayer)
    • Crafting Dragonhide (LDPlayer)
    • Cutting Gems (Runelite)
    • Crafting Lava Runes (Runelite)
    • Auto Combat (Runelite)
    • Superheat Item (Runelite)
    • Glassblowing (Runelite)
    • Crafting Dragonhide (Runelite)
    • Cooking (Runelite)
    • Fermenting Wines (Runelite)
    • Making Unfinished Potions (Runelite)
    • Making Complete Potions (Runelite)
    • Enchanting Bolts (Runelite)
    • Fletching Bows (Runelite)
    • Stringing Bows (Runelite)
    • Superglass (Runelite)
    • All Blast Furnace (LDPlayer)
    • Cleaning Herbs (LDPlayer)
    • Power Cutter (Runelite)
    • Mithril Blast Furnace (Runelite)
    • Cleaning Herbs (Runelite)
    • Superglass Make (LDPlayer)
    • Blast Furnace Pumping (Runelite)
    • Nature Rune Chest (Runelite)
    • Fletching Arrow Shafts (Runelite)
    • Fletching Arrows (Runelite)
    • All Lunar Scripts (Runelite)
    • Anvil Smithing (Runelite)
    • Crafting Fire Runes (Runelite)
    • Gold Blast Furnace (Runelite)
    • Enchanting Jewellery (Runelite) 

    Medium bot watch and babysitting:

    • EXCLUSIVE Motherlode Miner
    • Edgeville Cannonballs (LDPlayer)
    • Varrock Agility Course (Runelite)
    • Canifis Agility (Runelite)
    • Fletching Darts and Bolts (Runelite)
    • Firemaking (Runelite)
    • Cannonballs Edgeville (Runelite)
    • Smelting Jewellery (Runelite) (Higher risk when used on F2P)
    • Power Fishing (Runelite) (Higher risk when used at Barbarian Village/Otto’s grotto)
    • Minnow Fishing (Runelite)
    • Thieving Master Farmer (Runelite)
    • Pickpocketing (Runelite)
    • Iron Bank Miner (Runelite) 
    • High Alching (LDPlayer)
    • Cannon-Alching (Runelite)
    • Cannon-Alching (LDPlayer)

    Heavy bot watch and babysitting:

    • Iron Power Miner (Runelite) (Less risk if you set it to logout when player detected)
    • Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne (Runelite)
    • Seers Agility (Runelite
    • Splashing (LDPlayer)
    • Splashing/Splashing+Alching (Runelite) (Less risk if you set it to logout when player detected) – while safe-spotting so you can logout.

    Extreme Bot watch and babysitting:

    • Aerial Fishing (Runelite) (Less risk if you set it to logout when player detected)
    • Box Trap Hunting (Runelite) – (Less risk if you set it to logout when player detected)
    • Hunting Butterflies (Runelite) (Less risk if you set it to logout when player detected)
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