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BlueStacks Tithe Farmer

BlueStacks Tithe Farmer


Please note: This is designed for WINDOWS. MAC OS will need bootcamp or a virtual machine.

Included features:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • All current and future updates
  • One-time payment per device or virtual machine

Payment Methods:

  • 50m OSRS GP
  • $20 USD VIA Paypal/Debit Card/Credit Card
    Please contact Sammich on discord for GP Sales



  • Automatically refills seeds and starts farm runs for you
  • Optimal planting of 12 seeds at a time to maximize points/XP
  • Casts humidify OR uses the water barrel to refill watering cans


  • Randomized Delays
  • Randomized Breaks
  • Randomized Click Locations
  • Use your computer while botting
  • Built in timer to stop the script if you are AFK

Note: It is recommended to have at least 30 Frames per second for the script to run consistently without issues, this means the script will more than likely not run reliably inside a VM.

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