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Sammich’s Premium AHK Bot

Sammich’s Premium AHK Bot


Please note: This is designed for WINDOWS. MAC OS will need bootcamp or a virtual machine.

Included features:

  • 120+ scripts, 85 hotkeys and counting!
  • Unlimited downloads
  • All current and future updates
  • Lifetime access to our forums and discord
  • One-time payment per device or virtual machine
  • Randomized Delays
  • Randomized Breaks
  • Randomized Click Locations
  • Use your computer while botting
  • Built in timer to stop the script if you are AFK

License Transfer Policy:

Everyone is granted one free transfer of license to a new device or virtual machine within the first month of purchase, outside of that, it’s $10 via: License Transfer

A licence transfer will be necessary for users who wish to move their licence to another device or virtual machine, or if specific hardware is replaced in the licenced computer, more information available on the FAQ page.

Payment Methods:

  • 130m OSRS GP
  • $40 USD VIA Debit Card/Credit Card/BTC
    Please contact Sammich on discord for GP Sales


120+ scripts, 85 hotkeys, and counting!

Runelite Scripts:

Combat Scripts:

  • AutoFighter: Kills any NPC with looting
  • Blast Furnace Pump (Pure Strength Exp)
  • Cannoning
  • Nightmare Zone (Absorption/Overloads Method)
  • Nightmare Zone (Prayer Potions/Overloads Method)
  • Ranging Guild Minigame (Pure Ranging Exp)
  • Sand Crabs: Will kill and reset sand crabs when necessary
  • Warrior guild keg lifting

Magic Scripts:

  • Enchanting Bolts
  • Enchanting Jewellery (Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond)
  • High Alching only
  • Lunar Spells (Humidify/Tanning Leather/Spinning Flax/Make Superglass/Plank Make)
  • Splashing Curse only
  • Splashing and High Alchemy (Curse, Enfeeble, Stun, Vulnerability)
  • Superheating Ore

Agility Scripts:

  • Canafis Agility Course
  • Seers Agility Course
  • Single Obstacle Script
  • Varrock Agility Course

Construction Scripts:

  • Carved Oak Tables
  • Mahogany Tables

Cooking Scripts:

  • Fermenting Wines
  • Hosidius house cooking
  • Rouges den cooking

Crafting Scripts:

  • 6 Different Glassblowing Scripts
  • Crafting Dragonhide
  • Cutting Gems

Firemaking Scripts:

  • Firemaking any logs

Fishing Scripts:

  • Barbarian Fishing
  • Fly Fishing
  • Minnow Fishing
    Infernal Eel Fishing
  • Monkfish/Anglerfish Fishing+Banking

Fletching Scripts:

  • Fletching Arrow Shafts
  • Fletching Arrows
  • Fletching Darts/Bolts
  • Fletching Longbows
  • Fletching Shortbows
  • Stringing Longbows
  • Stringing Shortbows

Herblore Scripts:

  • Cleaning grimy herbs
  • Making complete potions
  • Making unfinished potions
  • Tar cleaning

Hunter Scripts:

  • Box Trap Hunting
  • Butterfly Hunting
    Maniacal Monkey Hunting

Mining Scripts:

  • Iron Power Mining
    Sandstone Grinding (Made for Ironmen)

Runecrafting Scripts:

  • Crafting Fire Runes
  • Crafting Lava Runes

Smithing Scripts:

  • Anvil Smithing (Platebodies, Darts, 2H Swords, Arrowtips)
  • Blast Furnace Gold bars
  • Blast Furnace Mithril bars
  • Edgeville Cannonballs
  • Smithing Jewellery (Gold rings, Jewellery with Gems)

Thieving Scripts:

  • Fruit Stalls
  • Knights of Ardougne
  • Nature Runes Chest
  • Thieving Master Farmer
  • Thieving NPC
  • Thieving Warriors

Woodcutting Scripts:

  • Power Woodcutting
  • Woodcut Banking

Runelite Hotkeys

All hotkeys take only a second to execute, and you assign any key you want to each hotkey. They will finish by opening your inventory and resuming your mouse position. Hotkeys assist manual play outside of botting for activities such as PvP, Bossing, Raids, Jad, Slayer, and much more.

  • Prayer Flick: Will 1-Tick flick your prayer to use less prayer
  • Alter Bones: Will use your inventory of bones on an alter of choice
  • Anti-Log: Will prevent you from being logged out while enabled
  • Barrage: Will 1-Tick cast Barrage
  • Vengeance: Will cast vengeance
  • Special Attack: Will 1-Tick use your special attack once
  • Double-Spec (Granite Maul): Will 1-Tick use your special attack twice
  • Drop Last 26 items in inventory
  • Drop Last 28 items in inventory
  • Eagle Eye: Will use the Prayer “Eagle Eye”
  • Gear Swapping: Will automatically change the gear you’re wearing
  • Glory to Edgeville: Uses Glory to teleport to Edgeville in an instant
  • Panic Teletab: Uses the teletab in your last inventory spot in an instant
  • Augury: Will use the Prayer “Augury”
  • Hawk Eye: Will use the Prayer “Hawk Eye”
  • Mystic Lore: Will use the Prayer “Mystic Lore”
  • Mystic Might: Will use the Prayer “Mystic Might”
  • Piety: Will use the Prayer “Piety”
  • Rigour: Will use the Prayer “Rigour”
  • Ultimate Strength: Will use the Prayer “Ultimate Strength”
  • Protect from Magic + Augury: Will use both the prayers Protect from Magic and Augury
  • Protect from Magic + Rigour: Will use both the prayers Protect from Magic and Rigour
  • Protect From Magic: Will use the Prayer “Protect From Mage”
  • Protect From Melee: Will use the Prayer “Protect From Melee”
  • Protect from Range + Augury: Will use both the prayers Protect from Range and Augury
  • Protect from Range + Rigour: Will use both the prayers Protect from Range and Rigour
  • Protect From Range: Will use the Prayer “Protect From Range”
  • Protect Item: Will use the Prayer “Protect Item”
  • Triple Eat: Will eat combo food (food of choice + brew + karambwans)

LDPlayer Scripts (Mobile Emulator):

  • Agility (Gnome Village Course, Single Obstacle)
  • 6 Different Glassblowing Scripts
  • Blast Furnace (Steel, Mithril, Addy, Runite)
  • Cooking at Hosidius Range
  • Cooking Fermenting Wines
  • Crafting Cutting Gems
  • Crafting Dragonhide (Vambs, Chaps, Bodies)
  • Crafting furnace molten glass
  • Crafting superglass make
  • Fletching Darts/Bolts
  • Fletching Longbows
  • Fletching Shortbows
  • Stringing Longbows
  • Stringing Shortbows
  • Cleaning grimy herbs
  • Making complete potions
  • Making unfinished potions
  • Magic Confuse Splashing
  • Magic Curse + High Alch Splashing
  • Magic Curse Splashing
  • Magic High Alching
  • Magic Stun + High Alch Splashing
  • Magic Vulnerability + High Alch Splashing
  • Nature Rune Chest Thieving
  • Power Cutter
  • Power Mining Iron
  • Smithing Edgeville Cannonballs
  • Superheat Iron/Gold
  • Thieving Stalls
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