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LDPlayer Tithe Farmer

LDPlayer Tithe Farmer


Please note: This is designed for WINDOWS. MAC OS will need bootcamp or a virtual machine.

Included features:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • All current and future updates
  • One-time payment per device or virtual machine

Payment Methods:

  • 140m OSRS GP
  • $20 USD VIA Debit Card/Credit Card/BTC
    Please contact Sammich on discord for GP Sales



  • Automatically refills seeds and starts farm runs for you
  • Optimal planting of 12 seeds at a time to maximize points/XP
  • Casts humidify OR uses the water barrel to refill watering cans


  • Randomized Delays
  • Randomized Breaks
  • Randomized Click Locations
  • Use your computer while botting
  • Built-in timer to stop the script if you are AFK

It is recommended to keep an eye on this script while it is running and have at least 30 Frames per second for the script to run consistently without issues; this means the script will more than likely not run reliably inside a VM.