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Update: (v62.7)

Update: (v62.7)

Runelite Updates: New Runelite Script: Woodcut Banking New Runelite Script: Anglerfish/Monkfish Bank Fishing Bug Fixes: The Runelite Cannoning script has had new randomization implemented The Runelite “Hunting Butterflies” script has been reworked and additional randomization has been implemented Script removals: The Aerial Fishing script has been disabled/removed as it was deemed too risky to use … Read more

Update: (v62.6)

Runelite Updates: New Runelite Script: Lunar Plank Make New Runelite Script: Fishing Infernal Eels New Runelite Script: Hunting Maniacal Monkeys Bug Fixes: The Runelite Varrock Agility script has been optimized to be more reliable. The Runelite Canifis Agility script has been updated as it was working unreliably for a few users. The Runelite Lava/Fire runecrafting … Read more

Update: (v62.5)

New BlueStacks Script:Power Fishing Tirannwn General Updates:The “Home Page” and “Update Log” buttons on the Setup tab have now been replaced with “Premium Essentials” and “Runelite Filepath” for ease of access.The BlueStacks “Cleaning Herbs” and “Herblore Potions” have been combined into one “Herblore” button.The “Sand Crabs” script has been renamed to “Crabs” since it can … Read more

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