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Update: (v56.0)

Update: (v56.0)

Patch notes for update V56.0: The Barrage hotkey Clear hotkey button now works properly. The errors that popped up upon clearing hotkeys is now fixed. The Runelite NMZ script has had the prayer-flicking sped up so less prayer is wasted. The Runelite Stringing Bows has been optimized as occasionally logging people out prematurely. The BS … Read more

Update: (v55.8)

Patch notes for update V55.8: The Barrage/Vengeance hotkeys have been optimized. A portion of the new RL NMZ absorption randomization has been removed to make it more reliable. As always if you have any issues please report them!

Update: (v55.7)

Patch notes for update V55.7: New hotkey added: Alter Bones Runelite ‘NMZ Absorption’ script has received additional randomization. BlueStacks Fletching Longbows has been fixed as it was making arrow shafts during v55.5 The Runelite ‘Power Fishing’ script has been optimized for people who use it for Barbarian Fishing, and has has additional randomization added. As … Read more