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Update: (v62.0)

Update: (v62.0)

New Runelite Script:Banker Miner: Non-Power mining! This will mine and bank ANY ores that are close to the mining guild bank Runelite:The RL “Magic Enchanting Jewelry” script now supports dragonstone jewelryThe RL “Varrock Agility” script has had a couple of improvements added to make it more reliableThe RL “Lunar spells” scripts will now terminate if … Read more

Update: (v60.6)

Patch notes for update V60.6: General: New Hotkey: Custom Spell 2 New Hotkey: Custom Spell 3 New Hotkey: Custom Prayer 2 New Hotkey: Custom Prayer 3 New Runelite Script: Daeyalt Miner New BlueStacks Script: Cannoning New BlueStacks Script: High Alch + Cannoning The Hotkeys “Click After Execution” check-boxes will now be saved and reloaded upon … Read more

Update: (v60.4)

Patch notes for update V60.4: General: New Hotkey added, Drop all tagged items Clearing hotkeys will no longer reload the entire bot (Hooray!) The timer overlay will now appear above Runelite and BlueStacks, as it was falling behind the BlueStacks while scripts were active Runelite Scripts: The Runelite Auto Fighter has been optimized The Runelite … Read more