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Update: (v64.5)

Update: (v64.5)

New Script: Runecrafting Blood Runes The GUI has been heavily reworked and all the Runelite scripts are now accessible on a single tab. There is now a new tab used for easily installing preconfigured Runelite profiles.The Wintertodt script has been an issue fixed that would occasionally occur. The Seers agility script has had an occasional … Read more

Update: (v63.8)

Runelite Script Additons:New Script: Cake Stalls (banks).The Woodcut banking script has been updated to now work with the Fossil Island hardwood trees. (new runelite preconfigured file will be required for everyone which is nowavailable).The Bank-Fishing script can now be used with fishing spots that catch two types of fish (shrimp+anchovies or swordfish+tuna for example).The Bank … Read more

Update: (v63.5)

Runelite: New Script: Constructing Mythical Capes New Hotkey Features: The resizable colour gear-swapping hotkeys now support activating ultimate strength, eagle eye and mystic might at the same time, as well as the current prayers (piety/rigour/augury) The “Monkfish/Angler Bank Fishing” script has been renamed to “Bank Fishing” and the premade runelite profile has been updated as … Read more