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Update: (v57.0)

Update: (v57.0)

Patch notes for update V57.0:

  • New Runelite Script: Cannoning (Basically the same as the cannon alching script minus the alching)
  • The auto combat script now supports burying bones
  • The Runelite auto combat script now only supports 1 boost potion instead of 2 (Strength OR Ranged etc.)
  • The Runelite NMZ Absorption script will now disable quick-prayer in case of lag during the ‘prayer flick’ if left on.
  • The Lava Rune Crafting script has been fixed. (Users that were running it without GPU capabilities would occasionally teleport 1 step too far away from the ruins, causing the ruins to be unseen and unable to be interacted with, the script will now run closer to the ruins in the event of this happening now)

As always if you have any issues please report them!

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