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Update: (v57.9)

Update: (v57.9)

Patch notes for update V57.9:

  • The Runelite ‘Warriors Guild Kegs’ script will now maintain a higher percent of energy as it increases the strength exp/hour.
  • The Runelite Fire and Lava Runecrafting scripts will now walk slightly towards the alter if it’s not detected after teleporting. (Only effects VM users)
  • The BlueStacks Superheating scripts randomized delay after closing the bank has been increased, as the items weren’t appearing in the inventory fast enough for some users.
  • Both the Runelite “Unfinished Potions” and “Complete Potions” scripts have been updated to now work with any type of potion, as there was a couple of unique potions that wouldn’t work previously. (ie; Sanfew Serum)

As always if you have any issues please report them!

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