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Update: (v58.0)

Update: (v58.0)

Patch notes for update V58.0:

  • New Runelite Script: Varrock Smithing (Platebodies/Darts).
  • The BlueStacks cannonball script has been optimized to be more reliable.
  • The Runelite lava rune script has been optimized. (Only effects the VM as it can’t use GPU plugin)
  • An additional color-gear swap hotkey has been added for the new inventory tags available in Runelite.
  • The Runelite Canifis agility course has been slightly optimized, as it would occasionally bug for some users after recovering from a failed obstacle.
  • The BlueStacks unfinished/complete potions script has had a delay added before confirming the crafting dialogue popup, as it was too instantaneous.

As always if you have any issues please report them!

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