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Update: (v58.3)

Update: (v58.3)

Patch notes for update V58.3:

  • New Hotkey: Custom Spell
  • New Hotkey: Custom Prayer
  • New Hotkey: Granite Maul Double Spec (Fast)
  • The Runelite Canifis Agility script has been optimized
  • The Runelite fletching Longbows and Shortbows has been optimized
  • The BlueStacks cannonball smelting script has had additional randomizers added
  • The Runelite pickpocketing script will now wait a few seconds before equipping another dodgy necklace, in case of being stunned
  • The Runelite ‘NMZ Pure’ script has been removed, as the ‘NMZ Absorption’ script with the ‘Regeneration Meter’ plugin disabled achieves the same thing
  • The ‘NMZ Absorption’ bug where it would occasionally rock-cake as an overload expired causing the script to fall below 51 health before overloading has now been fixed

As always if you have any issues please report them!

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