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Update: (v58.4)

Update: (v58.4)

Patch notes for update V58.4:

  • New Runelite Script: Herblore Tars
  • The Runelite Stun Alch Splashing script will now work for those who had issues with it
  • The Runelite Power Fishing script will now work for fly fishing at barbarian village with no issues
  • The Runelite pick-pocketing has a new variant: Pickpocket the Knight of Ardougne in Ardougne bank (More accurate clicks)
  • The Runelite ‘Auto Combat’ script has been optimized (will now attempt to re-click a creature in case of a miss-click instead of waiting 2-3 seconds
  • The BlueStacks Nightmare Zone Absorption script has had an issue fixed where it would rock-cake as the overload is expiring, causing the script to bug

As always if you have any issues please report them!

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