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Update: (v58.9)

Update: (v58.9)

Patch notes for update V58.9:

  • New BlueStacks Script: Single Agility Obstacle
  • The BlueStacks NMZ script will now use overloads without issues (For those who had issues)
  • All BlueStacks scripts have had a “humanized” break that will randomly occur and last anywhere between 5-30 seconds

  • The Runelite “Single Agility Obstacle” script now has level up detection added
  • The Runelite “Dragon-hide crafting” scripts have been optimized to be more reliable
  • The Runelite “Stringing Bows” script will now log out when the user is out of bows/strings
  • The Runelite “Knights of Ardougne” script is now able to drop empty jugs (check new instructions)
  • The Runelite “Auto Combat” script is now capable of high-alching selected items (Check Instructions)
  • The Runelite “Warrior Guild Kegs” script will now use an energy potion dose when below 85% energy, instead of below 75% (to increase chance of success)

As always if you have any issues please report them!