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Update: (v59.3)

Update: (v59.3)

Patch notes for update V59.3:

  • The “Slow Mouse” issue that some a few users were incurring is now fixed
  • The Runelite “Power Cutter” has had additional randomization’s implemented
  • The Runelite “Pickpocketing” script has been fixed for those who had issues
  • The Runelite “Smithing Anvil” script has been optimized to be more reliable
  • The “Knights of Ardougne” pickpocketing script will now open gold pouches more frequently
  • The “Fishing Minnows” script has been highly optimized and has had numerous extra randomization’s added to it
  • The Runelite “Lava Runes” script will now equip rings of dueling and binding necklaces from within the bank interface
  • The Runelite “Power Cutter” has had an anti-log measure added, as some users were logging out before cutting an inventory full of wood
  • The BlueStacks “Fletching Darts” script will now break less frequently
  • The BlueStacks NMZ Absorption script has been fixed for users that had issues using overloads
  • The BlueStacks “Bar Smelting” script has been fixed, as it had an issue angling the camera correctly for those using a 1440p monitor

As always if you have any issues please report them!

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