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Update: (v60.4)

Update: (v60.4)

Patch notes for update V60.4:


  • New Hotkey added, Drop all tagged items
  • Clearing hotkeys will no longer reload the entire bot (Hooray!)
  • The timer overlay will now appear above Runelite and BlueStacks, as it was falling behind the BlueStacks while scripts were active

Runelite Scripts:

  • The Runelite Auto Fighter has been optimized
  • The Runelite “Lava/Fire” rune crafting scripts have been optimized
  • The Runelite “Agility” scripts now have randomized breaks that will occasionally occur
  • The Runelite “Smelting Jewelry” script will now re-enable run when energy is sufficient
  • The Runelite PvP and gear swapping hotkeys now have the option to auto-click after execution added
  • The Runelite “Auto Fighter” now works in all locations (previously didn’t work in some dungeon areas)
  • The Runelite “Enchanting Jewelry” script will now stop upon running out of materials (New inventory tag requirement)
  • The Runelite “Pick pocketing” script has had the chance to open coin pouches reduced, however will guarantee opening them once hitting 28 coin pouches

Bluestacks Scripts:

  • The BlueStacks cannonball script should now resume shortly after leveling up
  • The Auto Settings button has been optimized as it wasn’t working for some users
  • The BlueStacks nightmare zone has had the guzzling issue fixed that some users were incurring
  • Some BlueStacks bank-standing scripts have been optimized as it was clicking too early in some circumstances for some users
  • A bug has been fixed for BlueStacks scripts where it was logging off early due to no resources found when resources still remained
  • The Bluestacks Blast Furnace, Agility, and Hosidius Cooking scripts no longer require users to designate coordinates, as it was not a user friendly concept

As always if you have any issues please report them!