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Update: (v60.6)

Update: (v60.6)

Patch notes for update V60.6:


  • New Hotkey: Custom Spell 2
  • New Hotkey: Custom Spell 3
  • New Hotkey: Custom Prayer 2
  • New Hotkey: Custom Prayer 3
  • New Runelite Script: Daeyalt Miner
  • New BlueStacks Script: Cannoning
  • New BlueStacks Script: High Alch + Cannoning
  • The Hotkeys “Click After Execution” check-boxes will now be saved and reloaded upon reloading the bot

Runelite Scripts:

  • The Runelite Power Cutter will now have randomized breaks less frequently
  • The Runelite fire and lava rune script have been optimized to run more reliably

Bluestacks Scripts:

  • The BlueStacks splashing scripts will now have breaks less frequently
  • The BlueStacks “Crafting Superglass Make” script now supports giant seaweed
  • The BlueStacks bar smelting script has had a bug fixed that some users were incurring

As always if you have any issues please report them!