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Update: (v61.2)

Update: (v61.2)

New Script: Sandstone Grinding (Script for Ironmen to get buckets of sand)

The “Prayer Flicking” hotkey has been reworked and should now have 100% uptime of prayer!

The BlueStacks “Auto Settings” button will now work for everyone, and now compensates for the “Show Less/More Information” being either disabled or enabled thus moving the locations of the slider bars.

The BlueStacks Blast Furnace scripts have been fixed

The Runelite Power Cutter has had the anti-log feature fixed for people cutting higher level trees.

The Runelite “Pickpocketing” scripts will now attempt to pickpocket more frequently.

The BlueStacks “Smelting Bars” script will no longer miss click the bank when making bronze bars.

The BlueStacks Gnome Agility Course script is now fixed.