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Update: (v61.7)

Update: (v61.7)

The Runelite Logout/Close/Alarm on player detected now has an option to work on a larger 1400×900 resized window, not just the small fixed window.

The Runelite Runelite Logout/Close/Alarm on player detected will now work while running the scripts that utilize the new type of randomization.

The Runelite Runelite Logout/Close on player detected have been changed so they will no longer close after executing once, and will continue executing after you’ve logged in again, until you’ve turned it off in the GUI (Or reloaded the GUI with F12)

The Runelite Power Fishing Script has been fixed.

The Runelite Powercutter Script will now drop logs/fletched bows.

The Wintertodt script will now run closer to the bank if it has not rendered.

A rare issue in Wintertodt has been fixed that was could the user to run north east and bug out.

A rare issue in Wintertodt has been fixed where the script was clicking on the bank chest too early after exiting WT, resulting in the player not actually moving to the bank chest.

The Runelite Cutting Gems script has been completely revamped and has had multiple new types of randomization added.

The Runelite Seers agility script will now have multiple random paths it can take back to the first obstacle after finishing the course (for users who don’t have the Kandarin diary complete since they teleport back to the first obstacle)

The Varrock agility has been updated to pick up marks more reliably.