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Update: (v61.8)

Update: (v61.8)

Update: (v61.8)

A “Clear all key binds” button has been added to the “Hotkeys” tab
The hotkeys tab has been updated, as new-users were finding it convoluted
A “Check Coordinates” button has been added to the resizable hotkeys tab, so users can check if their runelite client is the correct size to use hotkeys after resizing
The “Fixed” hotkeys have been discontinued, but still remain in premium at the bottom of the Hotkeys tab, as future developments will be focused on the “Resizable” hotkeys

The “Swap-Spec” hotkey has been optimized
The Alter-Bones hotkey has been made for the “Resizable Hotkeys”, rather than just being for the fixed sized client only
The “Gear-Switching” hotkeys now have the option/customization to also enable an offensive prayer upon switch (Piety/Rigour/Augury)
The 1 tick prayer flicking hotkey has been fixed as it was unreliable when low-prayer due to the flashing quick-prayer symbol that was unaccounted for previously
The “Claws to Gmaul” hotkey has been reworked and split into two hotkeys, one hotkey to swap-spec with AGS/Claws/DDS etc., and one hotkey to swap-spec with the Gmaul

The Runelite Wintertodt script will now work for Windows 11 users
The Sandstone Grinding script will now continue if a level-up occurs
The Runelite “Mithril Blast Furnace” script will now fill the coal-bag while the bank-interface is open

The BlueStacks Blast Furnace scripts have been optimized, and additional randomizers have been added (Will no longer wait at the top of the conveyer belt for a exp drop, and will move immediately now)

A shortcut has been implemented into Premium (Shift + Home), this will open the Essentials folder
The “Essentials” folder will now be located in the %Appdata% folder to give users a cleaner experience, especially for those wanting to put Premium on their Desktop

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