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Update: (v62.0)

Update: (v62.0)

New Runelite Script:
Banker Miner: Non-Power mining! This will mine and bank ANY ores that are close to the mining guild bank

The RL “Magic Enchanting Jewelry” script now supports dragonstone jewelry
The RL “Varrock Agility” script has had a couple of improvements added to make it more reliable
The RL “Lunar spells” scripts will now terminate if you run out of resources (placeholders required to be enabled)
The RL “NMZ” scripts have been updated to use better logic (inventory tags), be sure to check the instructions for new requirements
The RL “Iron Power Mining” script has been reworked and renamed to “Power Miner” as it’s now capable of mining and dropping any ore
The RL “Seers Agility” script will now have the option to use runes or teletabs (opposed to just teletabs) for users who have the hard Kandarin diary done
The “Timer” has been reworked so that it does not cause issues with other scripts when it refreshes the visual timer above Runelite, and it now refreshes every 15 seconds instead of every minute

The BS “Power Miner” has had some issues fixed and optimized
The BS “Cannonball” script has been fixed and will now bank properly
The BS “Hosidius Range” script is now capable of cooking karambwans

The Exclusive Karambwan Fisher will now use the fairy ring without issues if someone is afk on it.
The Exclusive Relekka Agility Script has had the pathing after failing an obstacle back to the first obstacle optimized