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Update: (v62.5)

Update: (v62.5)

New BlueStacks Script:
Power Fishing Tirannwn

General Updates:
The “Home Page” and “Update Log” buttons on the Setup tab have now been replaced with “Premium Essentials” and “Runelite Filepath” for ease of access.
The BlueStacks “Cleaning Herbs” and “Herblore Potions” have been combined into one “Herblore” button.
The “Sand Crabs” script has been renamed to “Crabs” since it can be used for multiple types of crabs.

Runelite Updates:
The Runelite Master Farmer Pickpocketing script has been optimized in several ways.
The Runelite Bank Miner has been optimized
The Runelite “Fletching Darts and Bolts” script has been reworked to include new additional types of randomization
The Runelite Crafting Gems script should now continue upon level up as intended
The Runelite Grinding Sandstone script will now enable run, if the user is walking and energy has replenished.
The Runelite “Nature Rune Chest” has been updated to work with how the object marker now works with the chest, and has had additional new methods of randomization added.

As a quality of life update, and to make Premium more user-friendly as a whole, we now offer pre-made Runelite profiles that have all the plugins preconfigured for the majority of the scripts, these can be found on the instruction pages for the scripts that have them available.

Current supported scripts:

Cutting Gems
Crafting Dragonhide
Fermenting Wines
Herblore Tars
Fletching Short/Longbows
Stringing Bows
Cleaning Herbs
Unfinished Potions
Complete Potions
Enchanting Jewellery
Lunar Spells
Anvil Smithing
Auto Fighter
Box Trap Hunting
Cooking (Rogues Den + Hosidius)
Daeyalt Mining
Fire/Lava Runecrafting
Gold/Mithril Blast Furnace
Knights of Ardougne Pickpocketing
Master Farmer Pickpocketing
Power Cutter
Power Fishing
Power Mining+Bank Mining
NMZ Prayer + Absorption
Sandstone Grinding
Smelting Cannonballs
Varrock/Canifis/Seers Agility Courses