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Update: (v62.9)

Update: (v62.9)

Runelite Updates:

  • Runelite Varrock Agility Course script has been optimized to be more reliable
  • The Runelite Fermenting Wines script has been updated to be more reliable
  • The Runelite Completing Potions script has been updated to be more reliable
  • The Runelite Cannoning script is now functioning again
  • The Runelite Lava Runecrafting script will now utilize the colossal pouch
  • The Runelite Cannonball Smelting script now supports the use of the double ammo mold

Bluestacks Updates:

  • The BlueStacks NMZ script has been temporarily disabled as the script logic does not agree with the new version of BS; it will be revamped and readded later
  • The Bluestacks Varrock Agility course has been removed as it did not pick up marks or self-recover after failing an obstacle; this may get revamped at a later date
  • The BlueStacks scripts have been updated to use “BlueStacks 5 Pie” instead of “BlueStacks 4,” as it is now incapable of running OSRS due to the new OSRS app requirements

Bug Fixes:

  • The Runelite Knights of Ardougne script will now correctly use Dodgy Necklaces
  • The BlueStacks Cleaning Herbs script will no longer skip the second herb in the inventory