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Update: (v63.5)

Update: (v63.5)


New Script: Constructing Mythical Capes

New Hotkey Features: The resizable colour gear-swapping hotkeys now support activating ultimate strength, eagle eye and mystic might at the same time, as well as the current prayers (piety/rigour/augury)

The “Monkfish/Angler Bank Fishing” script has been renamed to “Bank Fishing” and the premade runelite profile has been updated as it now supports shark fishing at the fishing guild.

The Jewellery smelting script has had a missclick fixed.

The Varrock Agility Course script has had a bug fixed where it would struggle to continue after picking up the mark of grace between the 8th-9th obstacle.

The Seers Agility Course script (without kandarin diary shortcut) pathing has been optimized to be more reliable.

The Wintertodt script has had the banking sequence optimized as it was rarely not making the new games in time.

The Crab script will now run to the center of the cyan marker after resetting aggression as intended as it was inaccurate after a recent runelite update.