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Update: (v63.8)

Update: (v63.8)

Runelite Script Additons:
New Script: Cake Stalls (banks).
The Woodcut banking script has been updated to now work with the Fossil Island hardwood trees. (new runelite preconfigured file will be required for everyone which is now
The Bank-Fishing script can now be used with fishing spots that catch two types of fish (shrimp+anchovies or swordfish+tuna for example).
The Bank Fishing script can now be used in both Draynor and Catherby (pre configured plugin profile has been updated).
The Bank-Mining script now supports the use of deposit boxes.

Runelite Script Reworks/QoL:
The “Coordinate Check” has been reworked as the previous method was hard to gauge in a VM if it was accurate.
If a script is started when the coordinate check is not aligned, the user will be warned that the script may not work as intended until it is completed successfully.
Scripts that use the multi-tasking simulation that interact with Premium during downtime will no longer start unless premium is fully visible after starting the script.
The Auto Combat script has been partially reworked and optimized.
The Nature Thieving script will now left-click open the chest as you can make the left click option “search for traps” with the menu swapper plugin.

Runelite Script Bug Fixes:
The “Thieving Stone Chests” script has had a couple of bugs fixed that occurred occasionally.
The Pickpocketing script has had a bug fixed, where it would fail to open money pouches.
The Knights of Ardougne pickpocketing script will now close the bank if it gets accidentally opened due to a missclick.
The Infernal Eel script has had a rare bug fixed where it wouldn’t be able to detect fishing nodes on-screen.

Runelite Script Optimizations:
The Smelting Jewellery script will now re-enable run if full energy.
The Construction scripts now have fail-safes in place in case of lag/issues.
The Hunting Butterflies script has been optimized and will now re-enable run if full energy.
The Runelite Blast Furnace scripts will re-enable run if full energy for those who don’t use stamina potions.
The Crab script will has been optimized.
The Bank-Woodcutting script has been optimized.
The Wintertodt script has been optimized.
Varrock Agility course has been optimized.
Canifis Agility course has been optimized.
Auto combat course has been optimized.