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Update: (v58.0)

Update: (v58.0)

Patch notes for update V58.0: New Runelite Script: Varrock Smithing (Platebodies/Darts). The BlueStacks cannonball script has been optimized to be more reliable. The Runelite lava rune script has been optimized. (Only effects the VM as it can’t use GPU plugin) An additional color-gear swap hotkey has been added for the new inventory tags available in … Read more Update: (v58.0)

Update: (v57.9)

Patch notes for update V57.9: The Runelite ‘Warriors Guild Kegs’ script will now maintain a higher percent of energy as it increases the strength exp/hour. The Runelite Fire and Lava Runecrafting scripts will now walk slightly towards the alter if it’s not detected after teleporting. (Only effects VM users) The BlueStacks Superheating scripts randomized delay … Read more Update: (v57.9)

Update: (v57.8)

Patch notes for update V57.8: New Runelite Script: Warriors Guild Kegs. The Runelite Seers agility script now has a second variant for those who have completed the hard kandarin diary. (Teleports to bank post-lap). The ‘Double Spec’ hotkey now no longer uses inventory tag ‘5’ (Yellow) due to color clashes with stack-able items (Item counter … Read more Update: (v57.8)