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Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Note 1: You DO NOT need a virtual machine to run the bots
Note 2: Mobile Scripts on VM requires a strong computer (Mainly CPU)
Note 3: We recommend you attempt to run all software before licensing

If you want to use your PC while botting or own a mac, please follow the instructions below!

Windows users follow this guide:

  • Download and install VMWare Workstation: VMWare Workstation Player
  • Download and Unzip our pre-made VM: Pre-Made VM (Updated 12/1/2022)
    Note: If the download for the pre-made VM states, “Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently,” please sign in to your google account to bypass the message.
    The pre-made VM requires unzipping/extracting after downloading; this requires software that can unzip/extract (PeaZip/7zip)
    If you do not have one, you can download PeaZip here:
    32bit PeaZip
    64bit PeaZip

Mac users follow this guide:

If you use a mac, it is recommended to dual boot windows due to VMs performing poorly on mac.
Follow this guide: