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Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Note 1: You do not NEED a virtual machine to run the bots.
Note 2: VM’s require a strong computer (Fast CPU and Ram).

If you want to use the Runelite scripts, and be able to use your computer at the same time you’ll need a virtual Machine to run it on.

If you do not have the greatest computer, it is recommended to download the files below and attempt to run all of the software prior to licensing on the virtual machine.


Video Guide:

Text Guide:

Step 1. Download both VMWare, and the Premade VM.
Step 2. Once VMWare is installed, please right click the SammichWin10, and extract its contents to a folder.
Step 3. Open Workstation Player and choose “Open Virtual Machine”.
Step 4. Go to the folder you extracted to, and follow the path until you have the file ‘SammichWin10’, select it to open.
Step 5. Start the new VM, and if prompted install VmWareTools.
Step 6. Setup Runelite, and Bluestacks (login to google and download OSRS app).
Step 7. If all runs well then license your bot with Sammich.a